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Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

We are in the last week of school…. how did that happen?! More so, I can’t believe we have Jack’s Kindergarten graduation tomorrow.

A lot of changes around here with schedules and daily routine are about to go down. I feel like we just got in our grove and then BAM schools done. Oh and did I mention I got chickens?! When you work from home it is hard enough to find your rhythm so cheers to the summer and trying to figure that out again. My biggest challenge is learning to “mentally” checkout of work and not be on 24/7. I’ll take all the advice!!!

This past weekend we had a true Minnesota summer weekend and it was AH-Mazing. We started with a Friday night dinner on the deck + running around the backyard + playing in the waterslide bouncy house and of course keeping the chickens company.


Saturday started off with a bang with Savannah’s first dance recital! Her excitement since dress rehearsal was the cutest thing. “When can I go back on the big stage?!” She loved getting her makeup done & hated getting her hair done. Once that curtain opened you could see for a split second a moment of panic then BOOM she started her Piggie Boogie tap dance!

Once we got home I had to transition to Bachelorette party zone….but had to collect some chickens eggs first ;) Had a wonderful dinner at Alma in NE Minneapolis + stayed up past my bedtime. I can’t wait for the August Wedding!!

We ended the weekend with a perfect Sunday. Lazy morning, coffee run, LOTS of outdoor play, went to G&G’s pool, rode the golf cart through their land [found out Wells is a little thrill seeker] and ended the night at the park. The past few Summers have been challenging with babies// sleep schedules // toddler stages and I think we are finally in the clear to truly embrace our Minnesota Summer. Anyone else know what Im saying?!

Summer…. it is going to be a good one!!!

[Night-time] Skin Care Routine

[Night-time] Skin Care Routine