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[Night-time] Skin Care Routine

[Night-time] Skin Care Routine

Hello amazing weather in the Midwest! I am currently writing this on my front porch and it is heavenly.

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms you know how much I stress about having a good regimen and taking care of your skin. Why? You only get your skin once… lets take care of it. You may also know I am a semi-freak about clean ingredients and safe products. Beauty should be good for you….and it also should WORK.

I’d be lying if I said I have always been good to my skin. I was a tanning bed queen and used basically 0 SPF growing up. Yikes. Even after joining a skin care company it STILL took me a year and a half to understand how to get the skin you want. Skin care is an art not a science. It did take trial and error….and most of all, consistency.

Lets be clear… once night time hits I am SO lazy. The only thing on my mind is TV and my bed. About a year ago I started making my skin care routine a non- negotiable. I kept it simple and it has truly changed my skin. So…. lets dive in!

STEP 1: Cleanse

I can’t tell you enough how much I HATED this step. I dreaded it…splashing water everywhere and creating a mess. Until I found TWO amazing products. Cleansing Balm, which I mainly use in the morning but all I do is take a VERY small amount and in circular motion spread it all over my face. Best part, I just use a towel with a little water and wipe it off. At night though, I mainly use makeup remover/cleansing wipes. It removes all the makeup and build up from the day with out leaving that residue feel on my skin. If you do NOT own these, grab them NOW. You can even rip them apart and it turns into a 60 day use VS 30 day.

STEP 2: Toner

This step I did not have in my routine until about a year ago. It is probably the most over looked step BUT so necessary. Why? After you cleans you strip your skin of its natural oils and you need to re balance the PH levels. It is often called the secondary cleanse. It is mind-blowing to see what still comes off your face after you cleanse it. Even more so…. in the morning, use it and see what built up on your face when you were sleeping. SO gross. I currently use Countercontrol toner because I love the liquid pour out onto my Norwex pads vs using toner pads. [Personal preference + it is less expensive] It is for “oily” skin types but I have not had an issue with it, even using it in the winter.

STEP 3: Treatment

I think this is the fun step of the regimen and it gives you LOTS of options. I love it because I can take what is happening with my skin at that time [breakouts - dry - blackheads - etc] and decide what my skin needs. For the sake of talking night-time routine I will share the treatment steps I only use at night.

Overnight Peel [HANDS down the one item I recommend to people who say they want to start with 1-2 products]. It is perfect for all skin types and really helps exfoliate + even skin tone + reduce pore size + gives you a brighter complexion. I use this 2-3X a week. Apply 1.5 pumps to your face and neck, let it sit for 3-4 minutes and no need to rinse off just finish step 4.

Charcoal Mask [Even Steve uses it with me]. This is something I use more of in the summer but mainly just 1X a week. I also only use it on my T zone or nose to combat blackheads! Bonus, you can use it as a spot treatment too!

In the morning I will use a serum for this step but other treatment products you would use for this step are oils, serums, make, peels or an all over acne gel.


STEP 4: Protect

Lastly you need to protect your skin with a good moisturizer. Do you NEED a night and a day cream…. yes and no. The do serve two separate purposes but if your budget only allows one right now I always tell people to invest in a day cream. The day cream protects your skin all day long where a night cream is going to help with cellular turnover and correct all that your skin went through out the day. It also helps optimize the treatment step. I love our anti aging rejuvenating line & day cream however for budget purposes I use the Nourishing Night Cream.

Investing in good skin care can be hard. I think it is so important to find one that works for you and your skin goals. One of the best parts of my job is finding the best regimens for my clients and hearing how confident they are in their skin. I goal is to make everyone comfortable with being foundation free [even though yes I love me a good foundation + tinted moisturizer!] Having all four steps is crucial for having the best skin. Each step supports one another and they can’t work to their full potential unless all four are there.

As always, reach out with questions or concerns about your skin or switching to safer. It can be overwhelming and you may think it isn’t possible with your budget….but I can promise you it is. Not only do the products last forever [and i’m not just saying that, they really do!] but we can start slow. The other great thing, because like I said skin care is an art, we have a great return policy for this reason. You get 60 days no questions asked + we cover shipping if you need to return an item.

If you are ready fill out my skin care consultation form and I will help tailor a plan for you OR snag some FREE samples and start trying our products today! [Especially our Peel ;) ] Bonus, if you fill out either of these….you may get something special in an email!

CHEERS + Have a wonderful week!

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