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Immunity Boosting.

Immunity Boosting.

As much as I LOVE Fall, I also know what comes along with that. Flu + Colds + Viruses. Now, I am all for modern medicine and I vaccinate my kids [zero judgement from either side of this hot topic!] BUT I also dabble in alternatives for healing my kids. I am also an "oiler" so I feel like I take the best of both worlds and tailor it to what my family needs. 

As much as I LOVE oils, I don't believe they prevent 100%. I do, however, believe they create a speedier recovery and lessen the symptoms of these nasty viruses. So what do we do? Immunity boosting. 

+ Thieves Roller Balls [ Thieves oil // carrier oil] - We apply it on the bottoms of the kids feet every morning. 

+Probiotics & Multivitamins 

+Elderberry Gummies! 

The gummies have be perfect for the kids. When I first started to research them I got discouraged because it seemed like a long process. I decided to just make them one day and it was SO easy! Here is what it takes:


2 Cups Elderberry Syrup [we LOVE the Elderberry Queen]

Gummy Molds  

5 TBS Gelatin [There are some great grass fed options on Amazon] 

1/4 C Lemon Juice

I usually double the recipe since I'm feeding these to 5 people :) 



1/ Heat Elderberry Syrup until it starts to boil - remove from heat

2/Whisk in lemon juice + slowly add the gelatin. Whisk until its smooth. 

3/Add liquid to the mold with the dropper and refrigerate for 30-45 minutes. 

*I keep ours in a mason jar in the fridge* 

Be on top of the sick season that is about to hit us!! If you want to learn more about what Elderberry Syrup actually does, read this article. 

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