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Dry Skin Remedies

Dry Skin Remedies

Dry. Cold. Air. The worst! Being from Minnesota I am more than used to the cold temperatures but I used to struggle with the season changes and how it affected my skin. This year I was finally on top of my game. I prepped my skin in the Fall and now that Winter is in full swing, I feel like my skin is still going strong!

Here are a few tips + products that have helped not only me but a TON of my clients:

1// Dry Brushing- When I saw a bunch of people starting to use this I of course had to do my research. It was telling me that this brush would help with circulation, cellulite, exfoliates your skin and [lymphatic drainage] detoxifies and eliminates toxins. I snagged one on Amazon and have been using it before the shower ever since! There is a certain technique on using it but I just watched a video on Youtube to learn all about it. Can I say my cellulite is gone? No. But I will say my skin feels amazing!

2// Cleansing Balm- THIS. Everyone needs this in their bathrooms. Not only is it safer for your entire family but it works wonders + it has multi uses.

-Cleanser: Take a small amount and rub it into your face and it melts away your makeup and the dirt from the day. I take a towel, get it wet and wipe it off.

-Kids Cheeks: This is clutch for those red cheeks after being outside. My kids beg to put it on!!

-Overnight Mask: THIS is the main purpose for me during the Winter months. After I do my normal skin care routine, I put a thin layer on and go to bed. No need to rinse it off. I wake up and my skin is SO hydrated.

-Other ways to use it: Dry knuckles, cold sores, wind burn prevention, rosacea, stretch mark prevention, dark spot treatment, burns, eczema, dry baby skin, sunburn peeling and much more!

3// Exfoliating Stone: My feet are bad year round so I just up the amount that I use this when Winter hits. I got mine from Target for like $5 and it’s the best. After a shower I will quickly use this all over my feet, dry off and apply either the Cleansing Balm or Countermatch body lotion to my feet and quickly put socks on to lock in the moisture. I am no longer embarrassed to go get a pedicure ;)

4// Vitamin C Brightening Oil: Face oils are such a hot topic and many people stray away from them because they think it will make your face oily. However, people with oily skin NEED a good face oil to help balance out the production of oils on your face. For me, I love the No 1 Brightening Oil year round. I was a huge tanning bed queen back in the day and this + the Overnight Peel has truly helped my dark spots, skin tone evening and just have overall brighter skin. Most of the year I only use this one time a day [at night] in my night cream. However, in the Winter months I have added a drop into my day cream. Another great oil would be the No 2 Plumping which helps with adding moisture into your skin and great anti-aging benefits.


5// Lotion by your sink!: This is an easy one. Keep lotion next to your sink! When we wash our hands it only makes the dryness worse. This is one thing I have implemented this winter that has be so nice for everyone in the family, especially the kids.

Skin is not meant for one regiment all year long. We do have to be aware of the seasons and how it will affect our skin. If you ever have questions on what your skin may need for a certain season or if you have any targeted skin care issues, shoot me an email. I am more than happy to help!

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