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Mission No TVs

Mission No TVs

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is enjoying quality family time on this gorgeous day! We are finally home and weeding through the mass amount of toys the kids got. You would think it was Christmas over here. As they were getting all these toys today, I could only think of all the ones sitting at our house that they don’t play with…. Anyone else out there feel me? 

Then I had a thought. Maybe they will actually start playing with their toys now that we do not have any TVs in the house. After reading that last sentence some of you may be thinking to yourself “what the?!” If you have not noticed from my IG, we have officially removed all the TVs in our house for 7 days.

Let me back pedal. Last week I was listening to KDWB on my drive to my parents’ house. I heard them talking about an article from a magazine where a family got rid of all their TVs. Their kids actually started playing with their toys, wanted to help cook dinner with their parents [ I may secretly not want this to happen…] and started to build their imagination. KDWB decided to search for a family to test this idea and asked people to submit their interest to partake in it.

My husband and I were just talking about how horrible TV has been for my two "bigs" and were looking for ideas to limit screen time. My two-year-old daughter is psychotically obsessed with TMNTs to the point where she hyper ventilates and convulses when there isn’t a new episode on OnDemand [insert eye roll… or take the phone out to video tape her doing it ;)]

Any how, back to KDWB. As I pulled into the driveway I emailed them that we would be interested. Well, actually at this point I haven’t even mentioned it to Steve because I know he would have said no. The next morning, I received an email asking if we were still interested and if so it's "game time". Pure fear came over me, but I responded yes!

As I started to tell people I received the same reaction from all… “What were you thinking, you are nuts!” I would have to agree with them. As a work-from-home mom, I tend to use the TV or iPads to babysit my kids while I get some emails and work done. [As I just typed that, I realized how horrible that sounds!]

Friday came around and I chatted a bit on the radio with the Dave Ryan on the morning show. Next thing I knew I was trying to catch up on all my shows. Yes, I still religiously watch Greys Anatomy, and when I realized I’m one show behind I quickly turned it on! Once that was done, I realized I was two shows being in Chicago Med. Then BOOM, I got the call that Steve-o was going to be at my house in 20 minutes.

As the TVs came down one at a time, all I could think about was if the weather was going to be nice next week. If I am going to be cooped up in my house all day, I may need to run and buy more wine [for after 4 pm of course ;)]

Now that a few days have gone by, I can give you all a quick update. Honestly, it hasn’t been too bad around here...only because it has been a busy holiday and the grandparents have been hanging with the "big"s this weekend. Monday, you will be a brutal thing; I already feel it. My daughter hadn’t seen that the TVs were all going until she came home on Sunday. All she kept repeating with a blank stare was “Where are the TVs? When will they come back?” As I put her to bed she told me that in the morning the TVs would be back. Poor child, you are in for a rude awakening.

All this week I’ll be checking in around 7 am on KDWB. I will also keep you all in the loop via Instagram if you want to see some awesome tantrums ;) [@Meredith_festler] Everyone cross your fingers for us [okay actually me] because we will need it!


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