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Working Out While Pregnant

Working Out While Pregnant

Good Morning Everyone!!


If you have ZERO interest in why I work out while I’m pregnant, make sure you at least scroll to the bottom for my NEW exciting news!! :) 


If you read my bump updates, you know that I have continued to work out through my pregnancy. I cannot go as hard as I used to be able to, but I am still movin’ and groovin’ almost every day. Why you may ask? Well, for those who did not know me when I was pregnant with Jack, don’t know that I gained A LOT of weight with him. It was a rough time for this mama. I was so sick all the time and had no clue what the heck was going on in my body that I resorted to what “healed” my nausea and sickness. [Hence, the massive weight gain]


When it came to my second pregnancy I learned from my mistakes. I cleaned up my eating and kept my workouts going as I normally would. It made a world of a difference, let me tell you! Now I’m over half way into my third pregnancy and I see a blend of my two pregnancies for sure. I have the sickness that I had with Jack but the motivation to stay healthy that I had with Savannah. Many think pregnancy is a time to relax, indulge and just live the pregnant life. By all means, if that’s what you want to do, go for it! However, I have seen many health benefits by sticking with a healthy diet and staying active during pregnancy. My biggest advice to anyone who is pregnant is to try and maintain the healthiest lifestyle you can. Even if that’s going for a short walk every day.


In the pregnancy world there are SO many “do’s” & “don’ts.” Sadly, so many are controversial as well. [Which leads to a lot of mom shamming] Staying active and working out is a huge one that people go back and forth with each other on many levels. I think since my first pregnancy we have come a long way. I am seeing way more support for working out and keeping your same routine while pregnant. I know some people are not allowed to work out for certain health issues, so I get that! But man, I also applaud those pregos that are running marathons [ I can’t even do that when not pregnant!] I feel like I keep a nice happy medium when it comes to my workout schedule. I am basically doing what I have always done, just toned down a bit. If anything is uncomfortable or doesn’t feel right, I make adjustments. I don’t know if I would survive to the end without staying active during pregnancy! [Yes, I’m being dramatic]



Here are my top 4 reasons why I choose to stay active during my pregnancy:


1. Increases my energy and mood levels// This is no joke you guys! The days I do not get my workout in is scary. I am crabby, moody and all I want to do is sleep. Even if I go for a walk to the park with the kids I am good to go. I really push to work out before lunch, it helps keep my energy up through nap time so I can power through my to do list.

2. Eases many pregnancy symptoms// We all know pregnancy is not glamorous by any means and most symptoms flat out suck. I have been pretty lucky in both of my pregnancies to not get many of the really bad ones but I have seen a huge difference from Jack to Savannah’s pregnancy. With Jack’s I had swelling, backaches, bloating, and horrible sleep. When I was active in Savannah’s pregnancy I had really none of those. I have had random swelling incidents with #3 but nothing major or uncomfortable.

3. Leads to a healthier eating// This is true pregnant or now! When I stay in an active routine I just make better food choices. Which then helps with the weight gain. I really try to find alternative ways to cook and swap out ingredients to make my meals healthier, but I also believe you need balance. We love to go out to eat, and when I go out to eat I will not order a salad. I will order a burger and fries usually every time! Balance is key people! 

4. WAY easier postpartum// Holy, Jacks postpartum was worlds away from Savannah’s. I had way more weight to loose with Jack and it took a while and a lot of hard work. Savannah’s I just took it easy and eased my way back into working out. I got back to pre-pregnancy weight pretty quick with Savannah but of course the muscle mass was gone and my core needed major work. I just felt 200 times better my second time around postpartum.


One way I have been staying active during pregnancy is with cycling classes at Surge Cycling 1-2 times a week. Not only am I getting a great workout, but I never want the classes to end! The music, lights, energy and instructors really make for a great experience. I was nervous to try out a new studio, especially being the pregnant one huffing and puffing but it is a judge free zone and you feel on top of the world when you are there.

GUESS WHAT?! They are letting me host a class there September 20th at 6:30 pm!! The owner, Zion, will be teaching my favorite format [Surge Sculpt] and her music is the best :)  Come out and join me for a great night out. After class we will have snacks, bubbly, and MAI will have a pop up shop for us to all shop at! Want to know the best part? Surge is doing a drawing for 1 FREE UNLMITED month of classes for both of their locations!!! There will be other awesome drawing prizes as well, don’t miss out. 

SEPTEMBER 20th @ 6:30 PM - SURGE CYCING Maple Grove Location


REGISTRATION goes live Tuesday September 6th!! 

THERE IS MORE!!!! When registering, at checkout click on "2 classes for $38" use code "MidwestMom20" to get the deal 2 classes for $12!! [SAY WHAT?] 

Email me or find me on Facebook if you need help registering or have any additional questions. I'd love to meet you and have you join me for a great night! [SERIOUSLY, this is for all ages/fitness levels/ etc.!] 

Let’s face it, pregnancy is hard no matter who you are. Our world puts so much pressure on pregnant women whether its judging their weight gain, if they are cooking their meat before they eat it or if they are deciding to go through labor without or without drugs. Even though I took on my last two pregnancies totally different, I came out with two healthy babies! You need to do what works for you and what you feel comfortable doing. 


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