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Bump Update 26 Weeks

Bump Update 26 Weeks

Hi Everyone!


I hope you guys are having a great week! We laid low this past weekend, as dad was out hunting this past weekend [By lay low, I mean drive mom nuts so we watched a lot of TV]. I apologize that this post is a tad late! I turned 26 weeks last Friday :/


This week is the start of Preschool! Jack was SO excited to be back; I think mainly because his “gf” is in his class again this year ;) Savannah and I went grocery shopping and ran around dropping forms off at random places. The 2.5 hours of school went by way too fast today! When I went to pick him up however, he was not happy to see me. He gets really upset when Grandma Vicki doesn’t pick him up [Thanks Jack].


Now on to the bump update! My app reminded me that I am in the double digits until baby arrives… GULP. I have a lot of clothes and baby organizing still to do [or should I say start]. I can honestly say I do not know where half my stuff is. Oh well, there is always Target!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


How Far Along: 26 Weeks

Weight Gained: +18 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Not really, besides dresses. Let’s be honest, I don’t get “dressed” up. I will probably get some new jeans for fall, but I prefer my leggings ;) 

Symptoms: Holy belly pop?! This thing has doubled in size...I swear! I feel like I’m in the “calm before the storm” phase. I’m pretty comfortable at this point but I know what’s to come, and my doctor said its come to come a lot harder since it’s my 3rdtime.  I am already getting the tightening and hardening of the belly when I stand up or if I was on my feet for a while. Energy has been up but still ready for bed at about 8 pm! My nausea is starting to plateau too, thank goodness. Something super random that never happened in any of my other pregnancies is that my tailbone hurts. It feels sore, like I have been sitting on a hard surface all day. [No clue why] The baby is SO active and has such strong movements!

Mood: Pretty good overall! I can’t complain at this point… but give it a few more weeks ;)

Missing Anything: The fact that you have to second guess if you can eat/ drink/ take certain stuff is getting annoying. You would think with this being my third time around I’d have it all down by now. Nope, Google to the rescue! 

Workouts: Still going great! I have been trying to add more back exercises into my routine. [Mama’s need those strong back muscles when baby comes!] I have been doing less lifting and more cardio, it just makes me feel better. There is still time to register for the “Midwest Mom Living + Surge Cycling” event on September 20th!! It will be an awesome spin class taught by the owner followed by snacks/drinks and some awesome giveaways! [FREE one month unlimited membership people!!]


"Me" Time

"Me" Time

Working Out While Pregnant

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