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5 Minute Face

5 Minute Face

Happy Friday!! 

I have received many questions regarding some of the products I use and the difference between similar products Beautycounter sells within their lines. I am going to dive into what products I use every day to hide the low energy mom look in under 5 minutes ;) 



            I personally use Dew Skin every day. It evens out the color of my skin, gives it that dewy/ fresh look and at the same time adding SPF to my face for the day. Dew Skin has the moisturizing benefits of evening your skin tone and putting moisture back into your skin. If you are needing a heavier coverage, you want to go with the Tint. BC Tint does not have SPF or the moisturizing benefits but it does give you an awesome, full coverage look to your skin.



            This bad boy is used so much, now that I’m pregnant and chasing two kids around all day. I have always used a concealer pen for the areas under my eyes and any imperfections, but this blows them all out of the water. My bags are killing me these days people! Many people actually use this pen to contour as well [someday I’ll become make-up savvy enough to do that ;) ]. 



           I do own both, and started my BC journey with the Blush Duo. My main draw to it was I could use the darker color for under my cheek bones and the lighter for the apple of my cheeks. This gave you a “skinnier” face look and more defined cheek bones. However, I noticed that when I use powder I feel like it ages our skin. I don’t like the look of powder on my skin either. I recently started using the Blush Cream and it has made a great impact on the overall look of my makeup routine. I personally love the Caramel color; its natural but still gives you the blush look. It goes on so smooth and is quick and easy to blend in!


4// EYES

            I have always been a big mascara/ eye liner girl, but somedays I just ditch it now. The three items I put on first usually brighten my face up enough that I don’t want to add eyes to it. Beautycounter did have an eyeliner but they ended up pulling it because they didn’t like how it was working out [ I personally love it and thankfully still have one stick left!]. When I run outI’ll probably go back to my old pencil liner. For a long time I used L’Oreal’s mascara, until BC came out with theirs a few months ago. I won’t lie, I still own a L’Oreal one and use it as a base when I’m “going out” or want a bigger impact look. BC’s mascara is a buildable mascara so I usually just use it two times through for day to day wear. It also has moisturizing benefits to help strengthen and grow your lashes [Who wouldn’t want that?]. The tube was also designed to not leave any clumpy mess when you pull it out of the tube! It is harder to take off, so I use coconut oil at night and it comes right off!



            I have never been a huge lip gloss person, so Sheer was the winner for me. All of their colors are awesome but my go to colors are Twig & Currant. Color stays on all day and keeps my lips moisturized. BC’s lip products do not contain any synthetic “fragrance” but has a hint of vanilla planifolia


So there you have it! I can usually get ready and looking decent with in 5 minutes with these 5 products. I bought most of my items listed 3-4 months ago and they have yet to run out [you get your money's worth!] The biggest plus of it all is all these products are toxin free and safe to use. It really is insane the amount of chemicals, lead and other crap I have been putting on my skin without even batting an eye. 

Another topic I get asked a lot about is if I use just one of the skin care lines through Beautycounter and the answer is no. I mix up my facial cleansing routine between our two lines; but I will share all that goodness another day!

If you have any more specific questions about these products or others, I am more than happy to help! Feel free to shoot me an email!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend everyone!! [[ Stay tuned for a bump update tomorrow!]] 

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