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Bump Update 20 Weeks

Bump Update 20 Weeks


Happy Friday!!


Sorry for all the pregnancy related posts… I swear I’ll do a non-pregnancy one next! I am officially half way there, but it still feels like forever away. We do have our ultrasound next Wednesday and I am super excited for it!! We are still not finding out gender ;) I truly have zero desire to know, which is a complete 360 from when I was pregnant with my other two. I guess knowing we have everything, and clothes for both genders [ and the correct seasons, go December due dates!] makes it easy to just wait.


Jack is understanding the concept that I am having a baby and that he will be a big brother to another sibling. It is actually super cute to hear him tell everyone he sees that “mommy is having another baby!” When I was pregnant with Savannah he had zero clue as to what was going on, so this is really fun to see this time around. 


Well I hope you all have a great weekend! I can’t wait to do a catch up post next week for you guys J


How Far Along:  20 Weeks!

Weight Gained: 11-13 lbs [ Depends on the day ;) ]

Maternity Clothes: Yup! I have been rocking my maternity dresses. However, we went to Valleyfair today and I still fit and could button my jean shorts [Score!]

 Symptoms: Just like my second pregnancy, stuff comes on a lot quicker in terms of “symptoms” and usually stronger. Round ligament pain is killing me some days, the bump is growing out of control and the constant hunger has not left yet! A lot of times when I’m sleeping I forget I have a belly now, and when I roll or try to get up a certain way I feel a pinch/ rip in my stomach muscles [OUCH]. Another joyful thing I get at night again is my charlie horses! The worst pain ever when you are half asleep. Yes people, know I should drink more water. Speaking of water, I have been doing a very good job with it! The amount of times I have to pee now is actually annoying. I think Steve gets the most frustrated because the amount of toilet paper we go through. Last thing that has hit pretty hard is how much I want to sleep. Usually this only happens in the first trimester then comes back in the third, but nope, it’s in full swing right now.

Mood: I have been feeling pretty good, minus the still needing to eat or ill vomit everywhere. [ Which totally happened the other morning before heading to dance camp]. Now that I am at the half way mark, I wish some of the 1st trimester symptoms would leave so that causes some anger every now and then.

Missing Anything: Honestly, I cannot get over dang bloody mary’s. I tried a virgin one and it was not the same. As many of you know I am a HUGE coffee drinker. One thing I miss is easily drinking cup after cup all day long; especially with the low energy levels lately.

Workouts: I hate to say it… they are not going well. I started working part time from home and workouts have been put on the back burner. I try to get out and walk with the kids, or just pop down and do quick abs/ resistant band work through the day. As far as a good sweaty workout, those are not happening. Working out is usually what keeps me sane, even if it’s a quick 25 min workout. With my constant sleepiness, it is way too hard to get my butt out of bed before the kids wake up either. 

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