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Bump Update 16-17 Weeks

Bump Update 16-17 Weeks

Happy Friday Everyone!!


This week flew by for us, and we can’t wait for the weekends over here! I really need to focus on cleaning today [Meh]. Steve and I decided we wanted to take Jack on a fun Mom/Dad and Jack date, so we planned a trip to Valleyfair next week. I can’t wait for that!


At my 17-week appointment [boring per usual] they took my weight, blood pressure, urine sample, and heard the heartbeat. I scheduled my ultrasound appointment afterwards and CAN’T wait for it! When I told Steve, he asked why I scheduled one since we decided not to find out the gender…. Oh poor Steve. He has no idea that the ultrasound was to actually check on the baby and the gender was just the cherry on top if people wanted to find out! 


How Far Along: 16-17 Weeks


Maternity Clothes: I bought a dress from H& M the other day, but other than that not yet. If I wear jeans, I have to do the hair tie trick ;) 


Weight Gain: Weighed myself this morning and I am +9. Today I am officially 18 weeks J 


Symptoms: Nothing much has changed since last time. I still need to be eating about every 2-3 hours or else I get super nauseas. With the growing belly, my skin is getting SO itchy. Lotion/oil has been a must daily for me. I am finally able to chug as much water as I want now, without throwing it up. [Big victory over here!] I can totally tell swelling is coming on; it doesn’t help that I am obsessed with chips and dips. I always wake up to a fat face and swollen hands after a high sodium day.  Round ligament pain has been in full force. When tossing from side to side at night, I feel a pull in my stomach muscles separating [Ouch].


Food cravings have set in hard core. I LOVE eggs in the morning and red meat at night. I don’t really crave “sweets” and didn’t with either of my other pregnancies. If I do crave something sweet, I eat some of my frozen banana bites dipped in chocolate! 


Mood: Pretty good! I feel like myself, and can still move around just fine. I am soaking in these days, because I know what it feels like when you get further along and can’t function normal. 


Missing Anything: Nothing too much right now; except for those darn Bloody Mary’s. I am missing my stomach being normal size, but soon enough ;)


Workouts:  Going pretty good! I like to mix it up a bit between outside, DVDs, and now I’m finally back into going to group fitness classes. Barre has always been my all-time favorite workout, so I went to one last Friday! If there are any other pregos out there, go take a barre class. So good for pregnancy, and you can easily adapt moves to work for your body. I am working SUPER hard on eating healthy, but my goodness, going out to eat is in the McGowan blood. If you don’t also know, I can NEVER turn down a good burger. I am obsessed with them!! I just try my best to stock the kitchen with ready to eat items so it helps me from not swinging by the drive through when running the kids around.  


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