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My [Simple] Diaper Bag

My [Simple] Diaper Bag

When I was pregnant with Jack, I was so excited to get a cute diaper bag and be oh so organized. I made sure I had everything I possibly could… I mean anything. After Jack was born, that went out the window pretty quick. I realized I never needed 75% of the items and it was just a hassle to tote around and dig to the bottom to find a nuk.


Then when we found out we were pregnant with Savannah, I heard the rage about these backpack diaper bags. So of course I needed one. We did use it if we were going to be gone for long periods or for trips [ and still do with Wells]. However, I have found that a standard purse works just fine for us and makes me feel like a normal human vs carrying a giant bag full of crap [ no pun intended ;)].


Now that I am on my third kid, I have found the essentials to keep inventoried in my bag for everyday use. I need them to be easy to access as well and the India Hicks Flat Stanly is a MUST for anyone [not just moms] to have. I literally need another one. Not only do I use it to store some must have items but I also use it as a clutch for when I get a date night out! Use this link to get your own Flat Stanly to organize your bag and check out their entire line. I have two of the Baby Riviera's for when traveling, so convenient and chic looking. This company has such a strong mission! 

So let’s dive into my bag:

1// Diapers & Wipes: This is a given. Depending on how long we are going to be gone, I usually only keep about 2-3 plus a small thing of wipes. Another great tip [and thank god I did this] is to keep some in your car for emergencies.


2//Wallet: Another given. One thing I learned from being a mom is our bags are heavy! Also dump your coins weekly into a jar or envelope so you take that weight off your wallet/bag. You’ll be surprise to see that money build up. We let the kids sort it out and put it in their piggy banks for a fun activity to kill time ;)


3//Extra Nuks: Yes, my kids love their nuks and I have no shame about it!


4//Sunscreen Stick: I have Beautycounter’s tube and body stick most of the time, but the small face stick is AMAZING to keep in your purse at all times. If we end up being in the sun longer than expected I can quickly swipe it on them and call it good. When learning about ingredients in sunscreens, I was sad because I loved the spray sunscreen. It was so easy to apply but the sticks work just as good and it has zero nasty ingredients. PS: Beautycounter is launching a huge line next week... stay tune ;) 


5// Bug Spray: Super weird right? Well, I have realized we are outside a lot more with the wild kids. Here in MN the bugs get nasty in the summer, so it is great to have some bug spray on hand. I found a local company [BuggSpray] that makes a natural/clean ingredient spray and it works so well. They use a blend of essential oils to repel gnats, annoying flies and no-see-ums. Another plus is its water-based so it is not greasy and smells great. If you need an option with DEET, they also carry a few options for that! Check them out!


6//Snacks: With being on the go it was hard to stick to a healthy nutrition/fitness plan. I have worked with my trainer on some of the challenges I have come head to head with and this has really been a game changer for me. I keep HEALTHY snacks in my purse that are easy to grab during that 10:30 AM hunger hit. I know I promised a healthy snack post [ and its coming!] but some staples I have are EPIC bars, Larabars, G2G Bars [if you follow my trainer on IG, she always gets discount codes!] and I love having apples as well. Otherwise, I have been known to pull over to nasty drive thrus then get mad at myself afterwards :/


7// Lastly, I always have a light weight stroller blanket [ The Local Little ] and nursing cover/car seat cover [I got one off Etsy... I can't find the store now for some reason!]. Wells has been using these adorable blankets for a local business ran by twin sisters that I went to school with; a MUST to check out! Savannah even joined in on the fun and has a super cute peacock feather design :) 


A few of you are probably thinking, mam you are forgetting so many staple items that should be in there. And I know that, but most of those are more for “longer” trips or stays away. When I leave for longer periods of times I make sure to grab an extra bottle, a food pouch [ I do make most of my baby food but I keep a few pouches on hand for emergencies. I do have a pouch maker, but honestly… it’s a mess] and extra set of clothes if needed. Those items I just keep in the car too, so really they don’t go in my bag.


Always keep it simple, but make sure you are also prepared. Everyone is different but that is my spin on our everyday bag use! Don't forget to check out India Hicks items, they do not disappoint!. [Durable. Chic. Multi Uses. Timeless] I may or may not have my eye on a backpack ;) 

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