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My 5 Favorites

My 5 Favorites

Happy Tuesday!!

I thought it was time to do another my 5 favorites! Go figure, most are food ;) 

1// Rice Cakes-  I feel like I may be late to the party, but oh my gosh, these are so good! I can use these to make everything from a satisfying lunch to satisfying my sweet tooth at night.

-       Almond butter & Banana

-       Nutella & Strawberries

-       Pizza Sauce, Pepperoni & Cheese

-       Avocado & Cherry Tomatoes

2// Apple Nachos- I love me some chips and cheese at night… don’t get me wrong! But these are great for a post nap-time snack for the kids and I. Slice up your favorite apples + drizzle PB/Almond Butter + mini chocolate chips and DONE. 

3// LAGREE MSP- Finally a non-food item ;) If you follow me on IG you would see me hitting up our local gym bright and early some mornings. I dove in head first with two of my girlfriends [mission summer body] and did their 50% off a month unlimited and we are HOOKED. Move-Sculpt-Perform. Most of their classes are done on the reformer, and it works your entire body and leaves you shaking! What caught my eye the most at Lagree MSP is. the variety of classes they offer. Not only can you burn out your core like no other but you can also sweat it out on their spin bikes. Cherry on top? The instructors are awesome; welcoming + motivating + knowledgeable. They really helped me with modification post Wells!

4// Target’s Fitness Apparel- If you guys have not been to Target recently you need to go! Their fitness apparel has been cranked up 10 notches. And those shoes…. You should head to that section too while you’re there for “just milk and bread.” 

5// Szechuan Sauce- I am a lover of all stuff spicy. This is the secret to eating a ton of veggies around here. [For Steve and I… not the kids] Some of our favorite veggie pairings are broccoli, peppers, zucchini and onions. A lot of nights we’ll add ground beef or chicken in the mix and call it a meal!

I hope you guys have a great rest of your week!

ps... new inventory is live in the shop :)  


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