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First Trimester Update!

First Trimester Update!

Happy Friday!!! 

This week actually flew by for me, thank goodness! Since I’m officially out of my first trimester I thought I’d do a “first trimester” recap. I mean we all know for some, the first trimester is so glamorous ;) I am pretty sure Steve is more excitedthan I am for me to get my energy and health back [I am a lazy lazy person these days]!  Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful for being pregnant, I know many women struggle with getting pregnant and would love to be in my situation.

How Far Along: 8 Weeks- 12 Weeks

Maternity Clothes: None – but I foresee many dresses in my near future!

Symptoms: NAUSEA! AH. I knew it was going to happen, it was horrible with my other two pregnancies. I have my bad days and my [REALLY] bad days. I feel really bad for Steve most days because I am worthless most days. When I do get that tiny sliver of relief I try to spend it actually being active with the kids or showering. Other than that I have a small amount of cramping, which I had with Savannah. I would like to say everything tappers off at 12 weeks but it hasn’t for my other pregnancies.  It usually lingers until about 15-16 weeks. I started to become super exhausted and wanted to sleep nonstop around 10 weeks, thank goodness I still love my coffee [Don’t worry I don’t come close to the max amount you can have a day!]

Mood: Crabby…. Because I hate being sick. I have tried every trick of the trade people [ginger, peppermint oil smelling, prescription meds, eating small meals, etc] So far only Arby’s helps ;)

Sleep: It is okay.  Most nights I go to be feeling nauseas and dizzy. Then I wake up feeling the same way. But I am at least sleeping a good amount at night while I can still lay on my stomach!

Missing Anything: Bloody Mary’s! I am not a huge drinker by any means but o-m-gee I love Bloody Mary’s! [WITH the vodka] I also miss not having to worry about everything I put in my body. You would think with this being my 3rd time around I would know all the “rules” but I still find myself googling what’s safe. I miss a good, hard sweaty workout too!

Cravings: Depends on the day: Arby’s Sauce but of course fries and a sandwich to go with it, Pasta Salads, Spaghettio’s, Frozen Pineapple, and anything with Szechuan sauce!

Workouts: None existent until 11 weeks. I really wish I could find the energy and motivation but like I said above, in the moments I feel semi decent I try to take the kids to the park [walking there you go that’s exercise!] or shower. With Savannah I really loved working out during pregnancy but not till the morning/all day sickness went away. Around 11 weeks I gained more “energy” or maybe it was fear of everything getting big! I am actually starting a "boot camp" on Monday and am SO excited. I even have a few friends joining me. Its centered around creating your diet and excersize to create a healthy lifestyle change. Of course I'm not doing it to loose weight, but more so to stay healthy and keep my energy up for this pregnancy! 

I have some fun events & socials coming up! If you are interested in learning more about living healthier and getting rid of chemicals in your daily life feel free to email or message me! I’d love to chat more :) 

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