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Grilled Pizza!

Grilled Pizza!

Now that the warm weather is starting to creep in, our dinner menus consist of a lot of grilling! We do a fair amount of grilling in the winter, but when you have the warm weather and ability to eat on your deck it makes grilling way more fun. Fun fact [I don’t know how to turn our grill on!]

The other day I was pinning new grilling recipes and trying to find some meals that not only Steve and I would like but also our kids. Our kids really are not picky eaters, and Savannah inhales more food than Jack, but you have to take into consideration if it’s going to be spicy, what’s the texture like, will it be easy for them to eat on their own [ I hate spoon feeding my kids… Independence right?!].

Even though I had a lot of new recipes ready to go, we decided to go back to our favorite recipe the other night. The delicious, easy, and quick GRILLED PIZZA! You guys, this is the best on the grill. You can get as creative as you want but we usually stick to pepperoni, cheese and sometimes diced peppers. We have tried the bigger crusts when making this but it doesn’t turn out as well; try and stick to the smaller single size crusts.



- Pizza Crusts [ My favorite brand is Boboli]

- Your Favorite Pizza Sauce

- Toppings [Cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, etc]

-Olive Oil

-Italian Seasoning



1.     Get the grill heated up!

2.     Mix your oil and seasonings together and with a brush, thinly apply to the TOP of the pizza crust.

3.     Place the pizza on the grill TOP down to get it hot and a tiny bit crispy.

4.     Once that’s done, apply another thin layer of oil mixture to the bottom of the pizza crust and flip over to get that side crispy.

5.     Right after flipping, quickly apply your sauce and toppings to the pizza.

6.     Close the lid to allow the cheese to melt & the bottom of the pizza crispy.



*I like my pizza super crispy so I just leave it on a little bit longer

*If I am doing toppings that need to be “cooked” put them on the stove for a few minutes so they get nice and warm before topping on the pizza. I do this with my peppers because the pizza cooks super-fast on the grill so I want to make sure the peppers are softer.

*If the crust is where you want it in terms of being cooked but your cheese isn’t, just push your pizza to the back and turn off those burners to allow the heat to finish meting your cheese.

There you have it, easy and quick! You really have to pay attention to the pizzas on the grill, which is why we usually only make these when it’s warm out. You are standing by the grill for most of the cooking time!! ENJOY! 

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