Welcome to my blog.. Hope you have a nice stay!

Welcome! [About Us]

Welcome! [About Us]

WELCOME! I have pondered a blog for a long time…. I actually used to have one [That I never kept up… sorry family]. When I first started “blogging” it was so I could document our life, be able to look back on what our kids did growing up and a way that family could stay updated with us. Life got in the way, a kid later and now we are here!

I’ll start by introducing my family and myself. I am Meredith [stay at home mom-dance coach] born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. When I am not chasing the kids around, cleaning our house or keeping them alive, I love to be out and about! My friends and I LOVE to eat, so casually we do brunches, dinners etc. all the time. Going up north and being on water is always the best way to spend the very few warm days we have here in Minnesota. The kids somewhat threw a wrench in that… now it’s more like making sure they aren’t drowning, eating sand, or forcing them to nap so I can get 30 min of tanning time. I have recently become obsessed with going as chemical free as possible. Which is weird to many around me because I’m really not the “earth” type. But it really is nasty what we interact on a daily bases & how many chemicals get put in our body!



My husband Steve everyone! This guy was born in raised in a small town in Minnesota- hockey player- hunter- fisher [Typical Minnesota Guy].  We met my freshman year in college, he was in his Junior year. I will admit when I first met him I wanted nothing to do with him, guess his charm won me over! PS- I still have our first facebook messages; Ill share that down the road ;) We got married in September of 2011 [yikes 5 years this September!] Words don’t even describe how amazing that day was!! Little did we know, our honeymoon would be our last trip together without a baby or being pregnant. To be honest, I don’t really know what he does at his job, just that he’s in the financial industry. Even though we like to get out in our spare time, we also do love to binge watch Netflix, especially when the kids go to bed!


Now onto my first born [crazy, hyper & loving] Jack. He was born a little after a year of being married. We spent our first anniversary on a “babymoon” in Chicago. Jack was SUCH a good baby. I kept asking myself why parents always complained about no sleep, blah blah blah. Don’t worry everyone, my second child was a payback. Jack had/has such a charming and big personality. Since a baby he has had the largest facial expressions! He slept so well, ate well and could be taken out into public so easily. Now that Jack is 3 ½ he is defiantly a busy body and typical boy. Loves to make messes, run around, play sports & suck up to his grandma [that’s an interesting bond right there]. Even though he is go-go-go all the time and sometimes drives me off the wall when he asks the same question 500 times, he will always just stop and say “ Mama, I love you SOO much!” Melt. My. Heart.


Here she is [feisty, moody, adorable] Savannah. She was born a week shy of Jacks 2nd birthday. They always said going from 1 to 2 kids is the hardest… they are totally right on that one. I can’t say she was a bad sleeper, but not as good as Jack was. However, she never had to be rocked, fed or have a “routine” to go to sleep. She is an amazing napper & sleeps well at night now. What has given us a run for our money with her is her attitude [Payback child?]  One second she is so happy and laughing next minute she’s “roaring” at you and hitting the couch one handed while giving you that look in her eye. She was an extremely late walker, in our eyes, so she still wobbles around a lot. She was the ultimate butt scooter to mankind. This girl could fly a million miles an hour scooting; which is probably why she never walked for a long time. Aside from her attitude she is again, a large personality that will stand up to her big brother!

We can’t forget Mr. Edward, our actual first child! We got him before we were married, and when I say we, I mean me. Steve was away duck hunting so a friend and I thought it would be a good idea to go check out the local pet store…. A few hours later I text Steve asking if he’s ready to meet Edward when he gets home. Edward may be cute and all, but he has caused some major issues in our lives. He has had stomach surgery, many vet bills, pee stained carpets, and Steve’s biggest problem of ruining our grass ;) At the end of the day, it is truly the best to be cuddled up to this little guy though! Since none of my kids like to cuddle…ever.

 Well that’s us, The Festler’s! I look forward to sharing our adventures as we live our crazy life here in the Midwest. Subscribe & stay tuned! 

Why Chemical Free?

Why Chemical Free?