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Wells Louis Birth Story Part 2

Wells Louis Birth Story Part 2

Back at it for part 2!!

After I got off the phone with Steve to run home and grab our bags, they moved me to a delivery room [Which was GIANT!]. This is the third time I delivered at this hospital and I couldn’t believe how nice this room was. Nothing can prepare you once you get situated in that room and you meet your BABY nurse and she sets up the little station for where your baby will get checked out once it’s born. More so, it kept hitting me that we had no clue if the baby was a boy or girl. Those two little blue and pink hats just sat there right in front of me during the entire delivery. [Side note… I really do suggest being “surprised” with the gender at least once. It was a really fun experience!]

The nurse started asking me random questions and getting my IV ready, which looked like a crime scene once she was finished! Thank god Steve wasn’t there to witness that in action. Steve, finally arrived and at that point my doctor came in and explained they were going to go ahead and break my water. They asked what I wanted to do about the pain…. Um excuse you mam, I LIVE for the moment I get my epidural, hook me up before you break my water! [ Judge away people, I love epidurals] I signed off on my epidural, and they got it in place right away before they broke my water. After getting all situated and “resting” in bed she came in and checked progress. I was sitting at about 6 cm, so I figured it would probably be a while. Steve and I bet it wouldn’t be here until after 10 pm.

Steve was so anxious at this point because we could not figure out a boy’s name to save the life of us! More so we couldn’t agree on a name. We had a huge list of names we “liked” but nothing stuck out to us. Finally, we narrowed it down to two names Maxwell & Wells. We contemplated have Wells be a nickname and his full name be Wellington, but felt that’s a little too much for us! Girls names, we were set a while ago on that one! We had two solid names we both loved, Evelyn (Eve for nickname) or Charlotte (Charlie for nickname). However, we know how it goes with nicknames… since we do call Savannah “Yaya” vs Savi which was what we thought we would always call her. 

What’s a birth story without a little drama right? Okay it is not that dramatic. My blood pressure dropped a bit once I got the epidural and I ended up getting sick, which has happened in all my deliveries. However, then the baby’s heartrate kept going all over the place that they ended up putting me on oxygen and had my doctor and the anesthesiologist come in and help out. They had me moving side to side/up and down and it wasn’t doing too much. After they toned down the epidural a bit it helped and everything went back to normal JWhich I was game for, because I was so numb I couldn’t move at all!

Not too much longer after that, I got a sharp pain in my left hip, it was so odd! I told my nurse and she looked at the monitor and notices the baby was acting up again. She decided to check my progress and there it was, 10 CM! She called the doctor in right away and in flooded a ton of people… I honestly didn’t know what half of them were there for.

Total side note: for those who never experienced a birth, they are all completely different! Some women decide to do drug free, some epidurals don’t work on people and some people are so drugged up they can’t even push properly. I am just here to share my thoughts on my labor and delivery. There really isn’t a “textbook” way to deliver a baby!

So, we are ready to push! For all my delivery’s it was calm, casual and really enjoyable! Once a contraction came I’d give a few pushes and then carry on a conversation with the doctor/nurses. In this birth we kept talking about how if it’s a boy we are in trouble because we couldn’t agree on a name [ Little did we know…]. Two contractions later out came our little baby BOY!! Born at 9:01 PM weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces. He was a little screamer!! They had me do skin to skin for about 45 minutes then did all the measuring and weighing.


After two hours passed and everyone came and saw him, we moved into our postpartum room. I feel like I’m one of the few that actually enjoys being in the hospital. I find it relaxing and a good transition before going home to the chaos! All I do is watch TV, eat, and cuddle. All of my nurses were awesome [ except maybe one of my night nurses…..]. All my kids had to sit under lights when they were born and Wells was no exception to that! Our last night after all his screening tests they had him sit under there for a while. It took forever to get him to sleep; he was only in a diaper and not able to be swaddled! It was a rough night for this mama. But the lights worked and he is healthy as can be!

We went home and started our life as a [chaotic] family of 5! Jack is SUCH a sweet heart to this baby. Always wanting to touch/pet it and just watch the baby sleep. Savannah on the other hand likes the baby but is WAY too rough with it. Moving its arms around and trying to pick it up. Now we are trying to adapt with dad back at work and mommy having to learn how to get 3 kids into and out of a car right smack dab in the middle of winter!! AKA I never leave.

Next week I’ll update you all on how postpartum life is going [I know many of you will skip that post ;)]. I also can’t wait to share my Newborn Must Haves! After three babies, I think I have officially narrowed down some must haves for those baby registries.

Happy Holidays! 

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