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Postpartum Fashion

Postpartum Fashion

Let’s talk about postpartum. I am not going to get into the yucky stuff of what happens moments, days and weeks after the birth but more so what I do to try my best to stay out of the slump. What could that possibly be…? NEW CLOTHES! 

You’re probably thinking, women you are weird. Who the heck wants to get new clothes after what their body just went through and knowing you have weight to lose? Well that’s the glory of fashion these days. We have many options post baby to hide the tummy area that we oh so hate for the next few months. With this being my 3rd pregnancy I now know what I like to wear post baby and what I absolutely hate and throw back on the floor after trying it on. My husband is probably rolling his eyes at this point and thinking… if this is your 3rd time through why do you need MORE new clothes. Well Steve, because I deserve them ;) And so do you mama’s! With everything our body and minds just went through and what is about to come, it does not hurt to feel a little sense of “you” after baby. I also feel refreshed after a shower and a nice comfy [non-PJ] outfit. Happy Wife=Happy Life!

Some things I look for when finding postpartum clothing….

1// Can I wear it even after I lose the baby weight? You better believe it; I will not buy clothing that I’ll only wear for a few months… waste!

2// Is the cost too crazy? I really do search for deals [Steve]. I find it VERY hard to spend a lot of money on 1 article of clothing. However, the quality has to be there. 

3// Is it easy for nursing? I have nursed all my kids and plan on doing the same for this next baby. When they are a newborn they can eat up to every 2 hours… holy, I don’t know if I’m ready for this! It’s nice to have clothing options that make this easy to do. 

4// Fit? Of course, I like the flowy/non-tight fitting tops. With the holidays and celebrations coming up I know I’ll need actual outfits to wear just days after having this baby.

Another aspect I like to plan in advance for is family pictures. I am a total photography junkie and again, my husband hates it! I love family photos. Pictures are such a great thing to have done and you keep forever. Before the baby comes I try and pre-plan what we are all going to wear for those, because I do not have time after the baby comes to logically think about that. The other day I started browsing a new website [Gray Monroe] for clothing that I found from a mom I follow on IG. I am a huge Evereve fan and this site is just like their style but way CHEAPER! [ Halla! ] I ordered stuff from them a month or so ago to check it out and make sure I like the quality since the prices seemed so reasonable. Of course, I loved them! 

One other great thing is her inventory changes all the time. She is always posting new items and rotating out inventory. I also suggest you follow them on IG so you get quick updates on new items that come in. Just the other day I hopped on their website because she posted some “just in’s” and there was a white shirt I KNEW would be perfect for our family pictures. I should also warn you, her stuff sells out FAST! After seeing some good postpartum options for me, I loaded my cart up and all is done. Now I sit and wait for Christmas to arrive on my door step in a few days.

Here are a few of the tops I purchased!! The best part is, you can get 20% off your first purchase :).  Make sure you check Gray Monroe out for some awesome Holiday outfits or gifts!




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