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Bump Update 32 Weeks

Bump Update 32 Weeks

Happy Sunday!! 

This weekend FLEW by, as always! I was most excited for my friend’s party this afternoon; we were making chemical free items with our oils for the house! I was mind blown when I learned how dryer sheets hold some of the worst chemicals in our house for household products. I can't wait to make my dryer balls. I’ll keep you posted on how they work ;) We ended the night with some pumpkin carving and Jack having a fever.... [NEVER ENDING!]

This pregnancy has flown by but at the same time has moved slowly [only pregnant people would understand!] We are officially at 32 weeks and I still have nothing ready. Oops! However, I’m so excited for the big day!! I know everyone has had different delivery stories & expierences [and mine can be completely different this time around] but I have LOVED the experience with my two past deliveries. Even the hospital stay was enjoyable to me! 

So, as these next few weeks fly by with Holiday prep and our crazy life we will try our best to prepare for this baby!!  


How Far Along: 32 Weeks

Weight Gained: 23 Lbs

Maternity Clothes: Not really, just the maternity tanks from Target. I usually pair it with cardigans/button ups. Still wearing all my standard “mom uniform” leggings!

Symptoms: Nothing too much has changed in the past month with symptoms. Overall, I’m feeling good with minor things here and there. I get BH contractions through the day and some are very painful! My appetite has gone down a lot though, I am sure it’s because the baby is squishing my stomach at this point. Sleep is going well besides when I want to turn over to my other side or attempt to get off the bed ;) I have not had much swelling either, unless I eat high sodium foods.

Mood: Good! Just patiently waiting for the big day to arrive, and having a minor freak out that we don’t have anything ready….

Missing Anything: Again, not really… I will say I am excited to fit back into normal clothes though. My outfit options these days are very slim!

Workouts: They are slowing down and I know I’m losing muscle tone by the day :/ At this point I’m just trying to keep my endurance up and staying as active as I can. 

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

Our Mini Photo Session!

Our Mini Photo Session!